The RENAQUA project aims to build a Global Service that contributes to the decision making process in marine spatial planning, specifically in the field of Aquaculture and Marine Renewable Energy co-location activities worldwide.  The Service provides a screening tool that answers three main questions:

  1. Which worldwide coastal areas provide good environmental conditions to install a Multi Use Platform for aquaculture and renewable energy activities?
  2. How scientists and engineers could be involved testing new devices and methodologies for MUPs?
  3. How MetOcean information could increase the commercial benefits for Aquaculture activities and Renewable Energy sector?

The downstream service demonstrates: firstly, the capabilities to identify opportunities for the co-location of these activities globally, secondly, the development of the MUP Data Hub to centralize and access relevant MetOcean data sets, and thirdly the use of Global Copernicus Marine Operational products to provide Health-Safety and Operational Maintenance (HSOM) service for MUPs worldwide.  

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